Star Troop

A Virtual Reality Experience 


Star-Troop Defense


About 1 HP and a Dream

A Stellar Adventure

 Star-Troop Defense is a 90's era Sci-Fi action packed first person shooter virtual reality experience. You assume the role of Pvt. Jenkins a Star Trooper who is fighting his way through the solar system and defending his home planet from an alien insect invasion. Star Troop Defense includes a campaign in which the player explores different environments to find weapons and complete different tasks needed to advance and ultimately defeat the alien invasion of his solar system. 

Currently A 1 Man Dev Team

 My name is Ian Goold and I am currently a driven and passionate one man power team.  I am a game developer with a passion for making and playing games, especially in VR. From the first time I experienced the Vive I knew I had to be a part of the VR movement. After finishing the first phase of Days Gone I left my dream job at Sony PlayStation to put all my passion and hard work into my own game! While working on Sony’s AAA game I was driven to learn all I could about making games and held positions in all facets of game development to include: Real-time VFX, Technical Artist, Technical Design, Environment Artist and Trailer development.   So here I am a 1 man dev team looking to kick ass and help contribute to the gaming market!

Report for Duty

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